I believe in the power of education: how a passion for learning, love for students and authentic leadership can create a transformative classroom.

I’m Eric, and I have been teaching for 14 years. I am a Teach For America alum and former KIPP school teacher. I currently teach English at Wichita East High school to both freshman and International Baccalaureate sophomores.

From urban, inner-city, Title I environments to charter schools and even rural districts, I have found success in every classroom and I believe I can help you find success, too.

I recently published my first book, The Edge of Teaching, where I share my mistakes, lessons learned and practical advice for ALL teachers – whether you’re brand new or just want a new take on your craft.

See, I’ve been to many professional development sessions and so often, I felt either uninspired or overwhelmed by yet another plug-and-play method to implement in my classroom.

Through my failings, I came to find that the real KEY to success in my classroom was ME. When I showed up as myself and used my unique strengths to build relationships and create a strong class culture around that, student engagement and success seemed to follow.

As I reflected and thought about my most successful colleagues, I realized they were doing the same: playing to their strengths, showing up authentically and building real relationships with their students.

It seems really easy, right?

BUT, it’s not. It’s actually incredibly hard to stop, reflect and do something totally different from what the current education buzzwords & flashy programs tell you. And don’t get me wrong, those “things” aren’t all bad. It’s just that too often, teachers are trying to implement systems they don’t believe in.

Teachers, the people in classrooms day in and day out, are the biggest force of influence on student achievement and success. And when you think of all of the “rock star” teachers you’ve heard about – they all have different methods.

YOU are incredibly powerful and even more so when you show up as exactly you. My book aims to help you reflect on the kind of leader and teacher you are and make plans to bring more of those awesome things into your classroom.

Of course, I touch on routines, procedures, lesson structure and so much more – but really, it’s how you + those teacher moves work together to create a dynamic, transformational classroom.

If you’re ready to discover your strengths, hone your skills and master YOUR classroom, then grab my book here – you won’t be disappointed.

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