Ep. 6: The Arrogant and the Clueless: The Battle of Arausio…

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By the late second century BC, the Roman Republic had persevered and conquered through many disasters: so many, in fact, that conquest and eventual victory were taken for granted. In response to a barbaric tribal threat, a small group of selfish and complacent Roman aristocrats would bungle Rome into a catastrophe that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. The price for eventual victory would be freedom itself, as events were set in motion that would destroy the Republic and replace it with the autocratic Empire.

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Fall of the Roman Republic by Plutarch

Plutarch wrote 150 years after the events of this book, but had quite a flair for biography. The story of the fall of the Republic is told through the “lives” of six several very important Romans, and the reforms of Gaius Marius kick off the list. Want to know how a civilization can crumble through the ambitions of its great aristocrats? Prepare to be educated.

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