Ep. 29 Arminius and the Triumph of the Teutoburg Forest

All appeared well as the Romans had the “pacification” of modern-day Germany underway in A.D. 9. The early Principate Roman Army had driven the “barbarians” before it, as it had done many times before. Then revolt stirred and Rome relied on a charismatic German prince, raised as a hostage and then proven auxiliary commander in Roman civilization, to help reaffirm the Empire’s authority in his country…

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For Further Awesome Reading…

Teutoburg Forest AD 9: The destruction of Varus and his legions

Military history professionally undertaken—with maps and excellent color illustrations

The Battle that stopped Rome: Emperor Augustus, Arminius, and the Slaughter of the Legions in the Teutoburg Forest

I hesitate to post this, because I have issues with this anthropologist’s description of the actual battle, but he offers a far more detailed explanation and look at German culture and motivations at that time. Read for the anthropology!

Complete Roman Army

I’ve recommended this book before and I’ll do it again! This is a large and definitive history of the Roman fighting machine, excellently illustrated.

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