Ep. 15: Chechen Wars Part 3: The Battle for Grozny and the Humbling of a Superpower

As Chechens (led by many who grew up in the deportation) declare independence in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin’s Russia does nothing for three years. Embarrassment at the new state’s defiance eventually drives an attempt to topple the Chechen government through far superior arms. Spoiler Alert: Russia, thought to […]

Ep. 14: Chechen Wars Part 2: Revolution and Deportation

There have never been more than one million Chechens in the world at any given time, and their homeland is no bigger than Connecticut, yet the trials and tragedy of the Chechen people have an underestimated but important legacy in the horrific guerrilla wars and terrorism of the twenty-first century. At the heart of the […]

Ep. 13: Chechen Wars Part 1: Imperial Spoils

Jon Stewart darkly joked that for most people, Chechnya might as well be Narnia. He was right, and it’s a shame. The Chechens are a distinct and proud mountain people, steeped in long traditions of bravery, daring, and generosity. On the other hand, they also possess a cultural dark side of ruthless banditry, gangsterism, and […]

Ep. 12: Deus le Vult! The Bizarre Final Stage of the First Crusade

Apocalyptic: I find that’s the best word to describe the year 1099 in the lives of those who undertook the First Crusade. Anyone who’d survived this long (3 years of continuous marching and war—crazy in and of itself) still had several more months before the attainment of the final goal: the city of Jerusalem. Along […]


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Relatively unknown but awesome (and important) tales from our past, professionally researched and told in “campfire buddy” fashion. As a historian and educator, the Centurion brings you the tales of the daring, the misunderstood, the underdogs, the dynamic people you’ve never heard of because you didn’t have the right teacher to share it with you.

“We are not the only force in the telling of our story…”

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