Ep. 12: Deus le Vult! The Bizarre Final Stage of the First Crusade

Apocalyptic: I find that’s the best word to describe the year 1099 in the lives of those who undertook the First Crusade. Anyone who’d survived this long (3 years of continuous marching and war—crazy in and of itself) still had several more months before the attainment of the final goal: the city of Jerusalem. Along […]

Ep. 10: Fight to Save the Soul of Europe: The First Crusade Part One

I see such a metaphor for human forces here: how whatever Pope Urban II and Emperor Alexius had in mind for this holy war/armed pilgrimage, things quickly escalated out of their control and the message and mission as it came to actually be almost swept both men right off their feet. Never underestimate the power […]

Ep. 9: War for Peace: Prelude to the First Crusade

“Crusade” is a loaded word, and often code for the “bad” history in the cultural heritage of Western Europe. In this episode, I set the stage for some of the real characters in this widely misunderstood period, discussing the brutal realities of medieval Europe and the basis for anybody would be so “crazy” as to […]


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Relatively unknown but awesome (and important) tales from our past, professionally researched and told in “campfire buddy” fashion. As a historian and educator, the Centurion brings you the tales of the daring, the misunderstood, the underdogs, the dynamic people you’ve never heard of because you didn’t have the right teacher to share it with you.

“We are not the only force in the telling of our story…”

Centurion6246, Episode 4

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