Ep. 25 Underrated Overrated: The Legacy of the Emancipation Proclamation

Episode 25 Underrated Overrated: The Legacy of the Emancipation Proclamation

Part 1 of a series on historical events that are widely overrated in aspects of their impact and yet actually underrated and deeply misunderstood. President Abraham Lincoln ‘s landmark Emancipation Proclamation is known popularly as what “freed the slaves,” but its story is far more complex. Skeptics correctly point out that it did very little to change the legal and actual status of slaves anywhere in America at that time, but I break it down here for the brilliant practical strike at the institution of slavery that it was.

Ep. 24: Why Chechnya Should Matter to You

Episode 24: Why Chechnya Should Matter to You is here!

This episode is a reflection on how small events can have a huge ripple effect on the modern world and how we ALL have a role to play in that, either through silent consent, ignorance, or informed action.

Ep. 23: Chechen Wars Part 9: End of the line and End of an Era

The last of the rebel “old guard” are hunted down, killed, or driven into exile. Chechen traitor/Russian puppet Ramzan Kadyrov rules Chechnya through fear. A generation of traumatized and/or radicalized children remain.  Some depart for the bloodbaths of Ukraine or Syria in a tragic epilogue. What’s next? How do we evaluate the legacy of the […]

Ep. 22: Chechen Wars Part 8: Desperation and Terror

After years of attrition taking their toll, a desperate Shamil Basayev turns once more to terrorism. Things are very different in 2004 than they were in 1995, however. The 9/11 attacks and state control of Russian media ensure that instead of helping the rebels, horrific events like the Beslan School Siege further cut off the […]


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Relatively unknown but awesome (and important) tales from our past, professionally researched and told in “campfire buddy” fashion. As a historian and educator, the Centurion brings you the tales of the daring, the misunderstood, the underdogs, the dynamic people you’ve never heard of because you didn’t have the right teacher to share it with you.

“We are not the only force in the telling of our story…”

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