Ep. 21: Chechen Wars Part 7: Meat Grinder: The “Second Chechen War”

The brutality and incompetence of the Russian Army is on full display in opening months of the war. Their overwhelming force and the assistance of Chechen turncoats begin to turn the tide in their favor, however. Supplies choked off and numbers dwindling, the rebels disperse for guerrilla war. Check out this episode! For Further Awesome […]

Ep. 20: Chechen Wars Part 6: Rise of the Dark Lord

The overreach of the Chechen warlords and the rise of Vladimir Putin combine to precipitate the re-invasion of Chechnya in 1999. Grozny is besieged once again and destroyed in urban combat. Both sideshave learned from ’94-‘96 but this time Russia is committing far more. Staged “terrorist” attacks helpPutin rally support, even as he kills his […]

Ep. 19: Chechen Wars Part 5: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Warlords

After their improbable victory in the war for independence, the Chechens quickly discovered that as hard as winning the war was, winning the peace was even more difficult. A ravaged country, shattered infrastructure, and difficulty enforcing law meant that the challenges facing the new government were ultimately insurmountable. Check out this episode! For Further Awesome […]

Ep. 18: Chechen Wars Part 4: Independence!

After the Russian Army finally wrests the capital of Grozny from the rebels, its momentum stalls and it resorts to indiscriminate carpet bombing and massacring civilians. In an ominous turn for the future, the desperate rebels engage in mass hostage-takings that stall the war further. With able guerrilla commanders exploiting low Russian morale and poor […]


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Relatively unknown but awesome (and important) tales from our past, professionally researched and told in “campfire buddy” fashion. As a historian and educator, the Centurion brings you the tales of the daring, the misunderstood, the underdogs, the dynamic people you’ve never heard of because you didn’t have the right teacher to share it with you.

“We are not the only force in the telling of our story…”

Centurion6246, Episode 4

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