The Edge of Teaching (paperback)


“I wrote this (book) as a kind of letter to my younger self, as a set of pro-tips and a blueprint for realizing that the REAL key or trick was ME, and that the sooner I mastered a set of simple leadership basics and tailored my instruction to my particular strengths as a person, the better off my teaching was going to be.”

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Welcome to Mr. Kruger’s classroom…

“A place where everyone learns in a way that will push them to better critical thinking while knowing they are seen and cared for on an individual level. I have spent more than a decade of my career in some of the toughest teaching environments in the United States. After countless mistakes (even while trying to “do the right thing”), I have learned how to tailor my instruction to my strengths and passions as a teacher and learner, and repeatedly experienced high levels of measurable success. I can help you do the same!”

Eric Kruger, Teach For America/KIPP alum and 14 year educator, distilled years of mistakes, successes and reflections about his own journey to creating the kind of classroom culture he always wanted to see. He realized that high academic expectations and joyful kids can happily coexist with successful learning and he has the scores to prove it!

He wrote this book to share his self-reflective process and help other teachers discover their strengths, hone their skills and master their classrooms! It’s not a quick fix, or some fancy special thing – his book will help YOU focus on what you bring to the classroom & magnify those awesome qualities to help your classroom thrive.

The Edge of Teaching will push you to think about your own craft, your subject and the ways you create joy and success for your students. It’s filled with tons of tips and ways to implement consistency and structure in your class, but ultimately it’s a tool for YOU! It’s also a quick read and you’ll be able to start making significant changes to your teaching immediately no matter what time of the year it is.

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